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We're proud to introduce our carefully-selected Preferred Partners bringing you world-class technology, services, and support to grow your business and bring great value to your clients. To get started, please follow the links below to learn more. We encourage you to check back here for additional partners coming onboard soon. If you are interested in connecting with renovation lenders or looking for other services, don't hesitate to contact us.  Wishing you great success!

Residential Remodeling Specialists™ utilize RRStimate™ to more quickly and easily develop your Remodeling Value Analysis™ (RVA) to help homeowners, buyers, sellers, and investors make their very best decisions. Quickly and easily build current, localized estimates leveraging remodeling costs from over 10,000 line items in more than 1,100 activity categories. Simply enter the address and choose your remodeling activities. RRStimate™ generates a complete cost estimate including labor and materials – showing low, average, and high price ranges for each activity.

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You can enjoy a range of services to enhance your marketing from a selection of floorplans to development site plans, CGI renders and photo enhancement options including turning external property photos from day to dusk, adding virtual furniture to rooms and removing unwanted clutter. Create entirely virtual 3D model homes or remodeled homes to help your clients visualize the dream! Please use code "CNHS" for a free trial.

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DO AudioTours™ is powerful new technology that brings voice-over to your listing photos. Differentiate yourself, win more listings, and engage more buyers with closed-captioning, instant multi-language translation, and ADA-friendly components. DO AudioTours™ allows you to show your listings with “before” and virtually remodeled “after” photos with your personalized audio descriptions.

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We’re building the free National Zoning Atlas to unlock zoning’s black box by centralizing, standardizing, and making accessible information about zoning. We believe if people understand zoning, they will be empowered to improve it. We think enabling apples-to-apples comparisons of cities and towns will promote understanding of regional and statewide trends. We hope that information about zoning will strengthen planning for housing production, transportation infrastructure, food security, and climate response.

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Attract more clients and sell properties faster when you get access to a powerful AI design tool that will supercharge real estate photos and generate more clicks and calls on your web marketing. If you're selling an old house or apartment with outdated and unattractive furniture, you can use Homedesigns AI to show potential buyers how the residence could look with just a small investment. Use HomeDesign AI to redesign interiors, gardens, patios, etc. to show the true potential of your listing and support them as a Residential Remodeling Specialist™!

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The Personal Marketing Company makes it easy to farm an area, announce activity & stay in touch with past clients. Our products are designed to help you build relationships in order to generate leads, referrals and repeat business. TPMCO is your one stop shop for client follow-up, postcards, newsletters, business cards & more! 

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